New Plants Donated
More generosity, this time in the way of plants for our new allotment.

Thanks Paul and Samantha at Newgate Nurseries, Plodder Lane for donating such a huge amount of plants and flowers for our new allotment plot; the children really enjoyed planting them. [ Gallery Pictures ]

If you are a local company and think you can help us with any equipment, materials, tools, plants etc. then we would welcome your getting in touch here, thanks.

1st Allotment Donation
A huge thanks to Lee at B & C Performance Tyres for donating a load of old bike tyres to us for our new allotment plot, these will be painted by the children and used for planters. [ Gallery Pictures ]

We are still looking for donations; any old wood, broken pallets, old paint, half bags of gravel, soil or compost etc. etc. etc.

Please get in touch with us here if you have anything you can donate, thanks.

New Allotment
Since the beginning of December last year we have been renting an allotment plot on Sapling Road allotments. The aim of this is to give the children the opportunity to experience growing their own fruit and vegetables and to provide them with more understanding of the processes food goes through before ending up on our table.

Given the weather over Christmas and into the new year we have been unable to focus much time on getting the plot prepared for planting, however we have just started to weed it over the last couple of weeks.
Anyone who would like to donate some of their time helping clear the plot please contact us here...

Anyone who has any gardening tools, hose pipes, wood, car tyres, planters, pots, paint, flags, gravel, decking boards, plants or seeds, netting, rope or anything else they might think useful can contact us here...

Please check your sheds for unwanted items, we may be able to put them to good use....   ....thanks. [ Gallery Pictures ]

Active Kids
We are currently collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers, if you have any that you can let us have then you can drop them off at our address or if you would post them to us it would be greatly appreciated.

Active Kids Vouchers allow us to get extra equipment for the children to help them get active.

You can find more information on Active Kids Vouchers at Sainsbury's website here...

You can find our address to send vouchers to here...

No such thing as a free lunch? We beg to differ!

As a part of our celebrations into the Chinese New Year, Year of the Snake, AW Childcare Services Ltd had been exploring Chinese culture, traditions and celebrations connected with the Chinese New Year with children aged between 1 and 9 years. The children got involved in activities such as creating Chinese lanterns, dragon pictures and model snakes, and we created a display board with the people, places and clothing of China, and watched Chinese dancing on our large projector screen.

We held some meal times that were focussed on Chinese food; spring rolls, noodles, crispy duck pancakes and the like and the children created their own place mats with Chinese images and some writing that said ‘meal time’ in Chinese.

The highlight of our celebrations was when we were invited to attend The Chinese Buffet on Bridge Street, Bolton for a free lunch where we took five adults and eleven children. On our arrival the staff were hugely welcoming and the Manager came to talk to the children about Chinese tradition and New Year celebrations as well as to ask the children about the activities they had been doing. Our meals were fantastic and gave the children a real insight into the types and varieties of Chinese foods while the Manager enjoyed sharing his own knowledge and experiences of China and Chinese traditions and culture with the children, before leaving the Manager took each child’s name and promised to recreate their names in Chinese for us, all-in-all an excellent day out.

A few days later and we received a call telling us that our Chinese names were ready; we went along to collect them and presented The Chinese Buffet staff with a framed picture wishing them all a Happy New Year for 2013 from all the children and staff at AW Childcare Services Ltd - we had enjoyed our day out very much and wanted to show our appreciation. [ Gallery Pictures ]

Kindness can be a fishy affair!
Continuing the theme of Chinese New Year we took a couple of the children to Lee Lane Pet Store in Horwich to look at their snake (2013 Chinese Year of the Snake), the owner was absolutely delightful and couldn't do enough for us, she had the rabbits out, the tortoises, her parrots and so on, and to top it all donated a fish bowl, two fish and everything else that goes with it, thank you Lee Lane Pet Store the children loved it.

PS The children are probably safer with fish than a snake. :-) [ Gallery Pictures ]

Want your child to join in the fun? Send us an online enquiry here...